Actress Nikita Rawal was robbed of 7 lakh rupees in Delhi, she locked herself in rape fear

A shocking case has come to light from the Shastri Nagar area of Delhi. Actress Nikita Rawal, who arrived in Delhi for the shoot, has been robbed of Rs 7 lakh at gunpoint. Here, masked criminals robbed Nikita Rawal near her house. She was walking towards her aunt's house when the incident took place and she was alone. Talking about the incident, Nikita said that she is yet to get out of the incident.

Nikita was afraid, so she locked herself inside a cupboard. At present, the case has been reported to the police and police are investigating the incident. On this issue, Nikita Rawal said, "I am still not able to get out of the incident and I can't believe I am alive. I would have died if I had fought with the criminals. I locked myself inside the cupboard. I was alone when the incident took place. I am deeply shocked by this incident."

Nikita immediately returned to Mumbai with a flight after the accident. Nikita further said that ''it was 10 p.m. when the incident happened to me. I was walking towards my aunt's house when the speeding Innova stopped in front of me. Then, four men wearing masks landed from Innova. They showed me the gun and told me to give me whatever you have.''

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