Actress Shalini Bhatia was the show stopper at Delhi Times fashion week for IIFT Delhi

Success is a hard pursuit and only commitment and perseverance can take one to success. Shalini Bhatia, who comes from a humble family, had only hard work to back her. She had no one to influence her growth in the fashion or entertainment industry, and neither did she follow the regular timeline for actresses and models. Shalini got married very early and everyone warned her that her professional career was dead. While she was scared and skeptical too, she worked hard to fight unsolicited opinions and her fears. She recently was the show stopper at the Delhi Times Fashion week for IIFT North Delhi Campus. The fashion week was held at Roseate house Delhi and the theme was aqua. Shalini mesmerized everyone with her grace and charm.

It is unbelievable to many that Shalini’s journey to stardom started after her marriage. However, this is a great example for many young girls out there that marriage isn’t the end, it can be a beautiful beginning too. Despite the ups and downs in her journey, Shalini has made her mark in the industry and made everyone proud.

A successful model and actress, Shalini mesmerizes when she walks the ramp. Fans and followers are also praise her acting skills. Her recent appearance at Delhi Times Fashion Week also received a lot of applause. Her well-maintained body, remarkably healthy skin, childish charm, and positive aura make her unique in the industry.

Shalini often gets emotional while talking about her journey. She feels that all women must get a fair opportunity to prove themselves in a field of their choice. She remembers the negative remarks that said that women must stay in the kitchen and takes pride in their achievements.

Shalini’s passion for the makeup and beauty industry dates back to her childhood. She says that wearing a beauty pageant crown was always her dream. She is happy that her husband’s family was always supportive of her dreams. It was her husband who pushed her to compete for Mrs. India 2019 (Grahsaheli) crown. This was the beginning of her success journey. She won the crown and later got many modeling assignments.

Shalini also gets regular invitations to judge fashion and beauty events. She is gearing up for many big assignments and her appearance at Delhi Times fashion week was a cherry on the cake.

Shalini is setting a great example for all young people and has become an icon. We hope she continues getting many such opportunities and achieves the success she deserves.

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