This star wanted to be a nun in childhood, but became the star of many adult films
This star wanted to be a nun in childhood, but became the star of many adult films

The desire to become an artist is also very strong among foreigners. In such a situation, related news has come out where a girl went to the church to become a nun. But when her mind did not go into devotion, she decided to become an actress. At the same time, when the actress did not even work, the girl took the path of becoming an adult film actress.

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The girl we are going to talk to her name is Addie Andrews. Addie was raised in the Pacific North West. The family in which Addie was raised was a religious family. Because of which Addie also wanted to become a nun. Addie went to a church named Latter-day-Saints at the age of 17, wanting to become a nun. There she was taught to become a nun but Addie did not mind devotion. After which she moved to Los Angeles to become an actress.

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In her statement, Addie said that the church was very nice to me. Although sex was forbidden before marriage in the church and I followed it completely for 9 years. But it seemed to me that the more I understood religion, the more I was losing my identity. At the same time, the Church considered pre-marital sex as a very sinful crime.

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Addie further states that she first started her career as a web cam model. After which she started getting offers from many adult films. After which one day she said yes to the adult film and slowly started to get recognition. After this, Addie finally talked about her family. Addie said that at first, her family refused to adopt her. But gradually they adopted me with this profession.

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