PM Modi while addressing India says, "Lack of vigilance is threat to family"

New Delhi: Despite the fear of festive weather and increasing pollution with cold, fear of Covid infection, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is warning people about the fearless and neglectful people. In his address to the country on Tuesday, he warned the US, Brazil and European countries, citing that there would be no rest till Covid's vaccine or medicine arrived. He said, 'There is no laxity unless there is medicine.'

Aware of Corona: The country was eyeing the PM's address since morning. The market of various speculations was also hot but the PM has confined himself to awareness of Covid. It should be noted that a few days ago, the awareness campaign has been started at the government level, under which there are plans to reach 95 crore people.

Lack of vigilance threat to the family: Perhaps in this sequence, the PM gave a small but salient message, "We must not forget that even though the lockdown has gone, the virus has not gone. Many videos show that people have reduced vigilance, which is a danger to the family." In an indirect reply to the allegations made by Congress leaders, the PM said with the help of statistics that in India there are 5000 per 10 lakh people. People have corona, while there are 25 thousand in countries like America and Brazil. 83 people per 10 lakh people have been killed in India. Whereas in countries like America Brazil Britain it is near 600.

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