Addywiz Talks About His Journey Of Discovery In 2020

The pandemic is slowly disappearing and the time has come for everyone to bounce back and be in the center point of entertainment once again. The lockdown period had proven to be the time of trials and painful encounters, with the entertainment industry hitting a severe downfall with sudden market crashes and financial setbacks. Although at the same time, it had been a period of discovery for many talented artists to come forward.

The year 2020 became the year of productivity and realisation for the newbie artist Addywiz aka Aadi Belnekar. He kickstarted his journey in music with his first release "Let's get it" where he started a whole trend in EDM by simply working on a small musical note that had struck him. After the success of his first song, he later released "Trapped" which turned out to be another tremendous hit in Spotify for Addywiz in a row.

The rhythm, danceability, the way it managed to capture the audience with its catchy beats and the absence of traditional instrumentation is what make his music different from the other songs of the same genre. It is like the heartbeat of summer raves with mellow beats and occasional drum beats incorporated in between in a style that has been inspired from the old 70's music. 

"We live in an age where we’ve got hundreds of years of music culture at our fingertips. I have been trying to bring back the rhythm and energy of old music along with the trendy beats of this age, in order to try and experiment to see whether it would work out in the way I wanted it to.  It turned out that, the old generation music culture can create magic when they're utilised properly with the latest technology", says Addywiz.

As the Covid-19 turned out to remove all the happiness from the daily life of people, this blend with old music turned out to be a boon to many. Reminiscing the olden times, along with enjoying the new age revolution and trends. It proved to be relatable at a time when the world is dealing with a pandemic that put the people at unease.

"The amount of originality that can be found in EDM is what attracts me and urges me to move forward with it. It has changed over the years and has been adapted into different genres, each with a unique sound. I am also now a part of infusing these different kinds of music to give pleasure to music enthusiasts. There are no restrictions when it comes to creating and experimenting with EDM. My latest releases, "Venus", "Firework" and "Vibe" are the result of months of hard work and research. They are now available on Spotify and Youtube", adds Addywiz.

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