Administration alert for Kanwar Yatra, monitoring 144 'third eyes'

Jul 18 2019 11:57 PM
Administration alert for Kanwar Yatra, monitoring 144 'third eyes'

Haridwar: With the beginning of the holy Sawan month, the Kavad Yatra has also begun in Haridwar. From several regions in North India, including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, Kanwaris have started turning to Haridwar. They are also filling up Ganga water from each of the Pauris and leaving for their Shivalayas. Though the number of cavities is still low, as the day of Shivratri draws near, the number of Kanwaris will increase.

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District and police administrations have also completed their preparations for the fair. The entire fair area has been divided into 12 Super Zones, 31 Zones and 133 Sectors for safety purposes. 10,000 personnel of Uttarakhand Police as well as PAC, 6 company paramilitary forces, bomb disposal squads, dog squads and water police have also been deployed. Besides, 144 CCTV cameras and 3 drone cameras are also being monitored throughout the fair.

In fact, the Kanwaris have a lot of reverence in Lord Bholenath. For the first time a devotee has come to take Kanwar for a vow in his mind, so no one is reaching Haridwar for years to take kanwar continuously. Shiva devotees believe that all the difficulties of walking, such as heat, sunshine, rain, are overcome by the grace of Lord Bholenath and they reach the Shivalaya of their towns without any difficulty and offer water to Lord Bholenath.

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