Adnan Sami has been in controversy for being a Pakistani, has married this many times!

Adnan Sami, the world's fastest piano player and well-known singer, is celebrating his birthday today, August 15. Born in 1971, Adnan grew up in London and studied from there. Music's Sartaj Adnan Sami has composed more than one song. Adnan, who has played a brilliant piano since he was just five years old, now plays more than 35 musical instruments. Adnan's father held the post of squadron leader in the Pakistani army. He joined the Indo-Pak war in 1965 as a flight lieutenant.

The same Adnan started his musical career in 1986 and then continued to climb the ladder of success. He has written romantic songs for his private music album as well as films. Tell you that till a few years ago, while Adnan Sami was often trolled in India, Pakistani social media users now make such efforts since they got Citizenship of India. Adnan Sami, however, knows how to answer the brick with a stone.

Along with music, Adnan Sami was also in the news for his obesity. Adnan weighed 230 kg at that time. In 2007, a new form of Adnan Sami suddenly came to the fore, which stunned everyone. In fact, Adnan Sami struggled to lose less than 230 kilos to 75 kilos. He lost up to 155 kg in 16 months. Adnan Sami's professional life has been as tremendous as his personal life has been full of ups and downs. Adnan got married four times, three of which did not last even five years.

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