VIDEO: Dog loyalty wins heart, saved owner's baby girl

We all know that dogs are the closest to humans. It is said that there can be no one more loyal than the dog. Dogs never lag behind in giving proof of their loyalty. Dogs are called best friends and while at home they participate in every happiness and sorrow of the person. Now a video of the dog's loyalty is going viral on social media. In this video, a dog bravely saved the owner's daughter from the water and proved his loyalty.

You can see that this video is really influential and everyone is praising the dog. The video shows a little girl playing by the sea when a dog stands there. Then a wave of the sea comes fast and soaks the baby. After seeing this, the dog feels that the baby is not safe.

It is in this thought that he decides to lift the baby from the water. In this viral video, you can see how this doggy tries to save the baby from its mouth. He repeatedly drags the baby from his mouth to the ground from the shore. However, the video has been shared on Twitter with the @buitengebieden_ handle and is being appreciated by everyone watching it. Well, this video has a fantastic caption written. The caption reads: 'Nanny boy.' Now, this video is winning the hearts of the people.

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