Afghan and Taliban Government begin peace talks in Doha

Dubai: Anti-Afghanistan camp is set to begin long-overdue talks on Saturday, with the aim of long-term peace after decades of conflict. According to the information, this could pave the way for US and NATO troops to withdraw from Afghanistan after nearly 19 years. Talks will begin in Qatar, where Afghanistan is a political office of Taliban militants.

The talks are said to be one of several diplomatic activities conducted by the Trump administration ahead of the presidential election in the United States in November. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also likely to be present during the beginning of Afghanistan's internal talks today. Before the two Gulf countries, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates recognized Israel in the U.S. mediation earlier this month.

The Afghan government-appointed interlocutor and a 21-member Taliban delegation are now going to participate in the talks in Doha. After the formal start of the talks, the two sides will try to resolve difficult matters. This includes the terms of a permanent cease-fire, the rights of women and minorities and the disarmament of tens of thousands of Taliban fighters. In addition, the two sides can also negotiate constitutional amendments and power-sharing.

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