Afghan: Taliban generates Commission to Expel Unfavourable Members: Report

KABUL: The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has generated a new commission to drive out members "who misuse the name of the Taliban, do not treat people well, and have nasty backgrounds", according to a media report.

The Khaama Press report mentioned that the commission which has been termed "filtration commission of forces" is composed of representatives from the Ministries of Defence, Interior Affairs and the High Directorate of Intelligence. The generation of the new commission was officially announced on Wednesday.

In a statement, Interior Affairs Ministry spokesman Saeed Khostai mentioned that the commission will be functional is all the provinces of the country. He, however did not unveil details of the unfavourable members but said that these people were against the Taliban government and the Islamic system, according to media report. According to Khostai, the commission was created after there were reports of gunmen posing as Taliban fighters entered people's homes.

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