Taliban militants shot Afghan translator working for Australian army

Kabul: The situation has become grim after the Taliban captured Afghanistan. The situation is such that people have been required to leave the country. Everywhere there is a fear of terror. Meanwhile, reports are emerging that a former Afghan translator (interpreter) working for the Australian army has been shot dead at Kabul airport. According to Australian media reports, the translator was shot in the leg.



Afghan Translator (Afghan Interpreter), arrived at Kabul airport to leave Afghanistan under the Australian Evacuation Mission, the Guardian Australia reported. The militants opened fire on the interpreter while trying to cross a Taliban post outside the airport.

Tell you that many chaotic photos and videos from around Australia's first evacuation flight to get out of Kabul have gone viral. Audio messages to the Guardian include voices from Australian personnel and their translators stationed inside Kabul International Airport, warning visa holders not to enter dangerous territory.

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