Afghan women had to forcibly marry... the reason was shocking

Kabul: When Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban, thousands of people wanted to leave the country in any way. These stories of helplessness are now slowly being exposed. Women had the most difficulties in leaving Afghanistan, now it is learned that many girls were forcibly married at Kabul airport so that they could leave the country.

According to media reports, many girls were forcibly married at Kabul airport when lone girls and women were having difficulty getting entry. At the same time, some women described some men as their husbands, and only then did they get into the plane. This incident mostly happened with those women who went to UAE first from Afghanistan and later left for America. Not only this, but many families also gave money to some men, so that they could marry their girls and then leave Afghanistan as a family. The U.S. State Ministry is seeking assistance from its officials present in the UAE in the matter.

At the same time, some such women who have reached the United States are also being searched. After the Taliban captured Afghanistan on August 15, questions were raised about the future of women in the country. Most of the flights that were leaving Kabul airport were of male passengers. At the same time, those who were with their families are being given the same.

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