Afghan women not accepting 'Burqa-Hijab,' shared such photos in protest against Taliban

Kabul: Women have been subjected to continued atrocities since the Taliban's "terror rule" came to Afghanistan. The Taliban had pretended to change their image, saying it would protect women's rights, but the reality was far from it. The Taliban are breaking the promise made to women, they are being forced to live in the burqa. Even women are being flogged on the beach road. Afghan women have launched a protest against the Taliban on social media.

Afghan women in their traditional attires have been sharing pictures of themselves on social media to protest the Taliban's decree to wear burqas and hijabs. According to reports, Afghan women from different countries of the world have launched an online campaign to protest against the Taliban's new dress code for girl students. They are putting their culture before the world against Islam propagated by the Taliban. They are writing that what is being done in the Taliban rule is 'not our culture.' They have been sharing pictures of themselves on social media wearing colorful traditional Afghan attire.

In a campaign launched by Dr. Bahar Jalali, a former professor of history at the American University in Afghanistan, hundreds of women are posting pictures of themselves on social media with hashtags like #DoNotTouchMyClothes and #AfghanistanCulture without wearing hijab.

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