Afghanistan receives an additional USD 32 million in humanitarian aid

KABUL: Afghanistan's central bank announced on Wednesday that it has received a new batch of USD32 million in humanitarian cash help.

According to news report, the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) said in a statement that USD32 million in cash arrived on Tuesday as part of a series of humanitarian financial aid to the country and was transferred to a commercial bank.

"Humanitarian support through the financial sector creates transparency and facilitates the delivery of aid to the people," the bank said, thanking the international community for the assistance. The Afghan central bank had already received another batch of USD32 million in humanitarian cash aid on Monday.

The DAB has been working to keep the value of the Afghani at a stable and desirable level versus foreign currencies, according to the statement.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in mid-August 2021, the US has reportedly blocked more than USD9 billion in central bank assets, putting the country's banking system in hazard.

The DAB  had said last month that it will auction USD13 million to inject foreign currency into the local market and stabilise the afghani, the country's currency.

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