55-year-old Kurban bought 9-year-old girl to make her a 'wife'

Kabul: A video of a little girl from Taliban-ruled Afghanistan is fast going viral on social media these days. In the video, the girl is first seen playing with her friends and then her parents take her to the room and hand her over to an elderly person and in return, the elderly man pays them some money. The video was recorded by CNN. It is being told that the child's father had sold it so that he could feed the rest of the family.


The buyer of the girl had said on TV that he himself is 55 years old and he has bought a 9-year-old girl for himself. He will wait for the baby to grow up. According to the report, the name of the buyer is Kurban, from which the father of the child had said to take care of the child. However, Kurban had replied by saying that the child is now his wife and that he will do whatever he wanted to do with her. This was Kurban's second marriage, he has 4 daughters and a son from his first wife. This video clip of CNN is going viral on social media. People are saying how the 55-year-old man bought a 9-year-old girl just to satisfy his lust.   

In 2017, Mufti Tariq Qasmi of Deoband said that according to Shariah, the age of the girl is 9 years for marriage and 14 years for the boy is enough. If talking about having a physical relationship, the founder of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, says, "The girl should not have physical relations with her before she turns 9. Even if it is a permanent or temporary marriage. However, except having a physical relationship, other movements can be done, including erotic touches, hugs and rubbing the private parts between the legs. Khomeini even goes so far as to say that "all these actions are justified even with a child who drinks milk." 

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