After 17 years of love marriage, the wife killed her husband

Sep 20 2019 03:00 PM
After 17 years of love marriage, the wife killed her husband

Recently, a case of crime has emerged from Aurangabad. In this case, a wife stabbed and killed her husband in front of a 6-year-old girl. Yes, the husband of the deceased was a businessman by profession and the incident that happened around 1 pm last Monday. In this case, there was a panic in the vicinity after the incident. Let's know the whole matter.

In this case, Rajput's family lives in flat number 702 in 'Khinvsara Park' in Ulkanagari, Aurangabad and his elder brother Hira Poly Print Pvt. Ltd. Company only. Yes, all three brothers lived together. The deceased young man and his wife have two daughters, and because of his wife, Shailendra decided to stay apart. The young man came home around 11.30 pm on Monday and after that, there was a fight between the two again. Angrily Pooja went to the kitchen and brought a knife and brutally murdered her husband in front of her six-year-old daughter.

At the same time, both girls got scared of seeing their father killed in front of their eyes. After receiving the information about the incident, Jawaharnagar police reached the spot and they arrested the accused wife. Even after being questioned by the police in this matter, Pooja did not say anything but she only said, you just ask Shailendra. The police were also surprised to hear this answer to Pooja.

It is being told that in the year 2002, Shailendra and Pooja had a love marriage but after a few years of marriage, there was a fight between the two about something. According to the information received, four years ago, Pooja lodged a complaint of harassment against her husband and in the last few months, Pooja had also put boiling water on her husband's body. It is told that "When the husband's body was soaked in blood, Pooja quietly went to the bathroom and brought water in a bucket and she took a towel to wipe the blood lying in the bedroom and kitchen." Then, after taking two buckets of water, washed the blood in the room and then Pooja wrapped a knife filled with blood in a towel and placed it in the bucket. At the same time, when Pooja was questioned, she removed the knife of the bucket.

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