After a mass stranding in Australia, 200 whales died and 35 were still alive

Canberra; Nearly 200 whales have died and only 35 are still alive as a result of a massive stranding in Australia this week, according to rescuers.

On Wednesday morning the pilot whale was found stranded on a Tasmanian beach that was open to the elements. The remaining whales are still being saved through rescue efforts.

According to Brendan Clark of the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, "We are focused this morning mainly on getting into that rescue operation and releasing the whales." Brendan Clark speaking to the Australia Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday.

"We'll be monitoring it because we know some of them can beach themselves again."

At one point about half the whales were believed to be still alive by rescuers.

After the discovery of more than a dozen dead sperm whales on another beach, most of them young males, believed to be part of the same bachelor pod, it is the second whale mass exodus in Tasmania this week.

Marine scientists have been puzzled by cases of whales being trapped for many years.
More than 450 pilot whales were discovered in 2020, Tasmania's largest stranding.

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