After Aligarh case, another child became a victim of rape
After Aligarh case, another child became a victim of rape

Your senses will be blown up by hearing a recent criminal case. In the past, the case in Aligarh surprised everyone and the law of the land was not yet able to give justice to Twinkle Sharma of Aligarh, a more humane-shaming incident that has been reported today. According to the sources, an eight-year-old girl body was found in the sewer in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh this morning.

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In this case, it is reported that the child was missing since the last evening, and the family complained to the police, but what was the use of the complaint once again fell prey to an innocent impoverishes. While the police found the baby's body in the homologous of reports in the case, the police sent the body for post-mortem. There are reports that the baby has been raped but has not yet been confirmed by the police.

Homologous of the information found in the case, the family and the people are taking their anger at the police, saying that if the police had started searching for the baby at the right time, Shaday would have been safe for the next of kin of the child. This is not the first such case because there have been a number of cases in the past.

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