After all, what mission is PFI engaged in? Radical outfit's chief arrested from Delhi

New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is also conducting raids in the capital Delhi amid the ongoing crackdown against radical Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI) across the country. NIA has arrested PFI chief Parvez Alam in Delhi. Three PFI agents, who were on the target of investigating agencies for terror connections, have been arrested in Delhi. Raids are also going on in Noida by ATS and NIA teams.  

Meanwhile, security has been beefed up at the NIA office in Delhi due to threat perception. PFI members have taken to the streets to protest against the raids in several parts of the country. NIA and ED had raided the premises of suspects allegedly involved in terror funding in 10 states on Thursday morning. During the raid, NIA and ED arrested about 100 PFI activists for supporting terrorists.'

According to the information given by the officials, the raids are mainly being carried out in South India and the NIA has described it as the 'biggest investigation operation ever'. The NIA said raids were being conducted at the premises of those involved in funding terrorists, arranging training for them and tricking people to join banned organisations. According to officials, the raids are being conducted in 10 states and around 100 PFI activists, including top leaders, have been detained during this period.

PFI aims to make India an Islamic country by 2047:

Radical Islamic organization PFI is working on 'Mission 2047' to make India an Islamic nation. Bihar Police has busted this conspiracy. PFI is planning to make India a Muslim country by 2047 and PFI has planned for it in four stages. This has been revealed in the recovered document, in which the fundamentalist organization clearly says that an Islamic country (Pakistan) was separated from India 75 years ago and by the time India celebrates 100 years of independence in 2047, India will be completely transformed into an Islamic nation. Police said that the document also states that 10 per cent of Muslims are enough to make the majority sit on their knees and if 10 per cent of Muslims join the PFI, then no one can stop India from becoming a Muslim country by 2047.  

PFI has made a plan in four stages to make its mission successful, including connecting more and more Muslims with PFI and waging war against the country. It is clearly written in the document that Muslims have to unite and divide Hindus. Not only this, the PFI will prepare Muslims as marshals and then these people will attack people who oppose Muslims. In the fourth phase, the PFI will also try to take over power and for this, they are also ready to fight with India. PFI has said that Islamic countries of the world will also help it in this work. Let us know that many terrorist organizations are also working on this mission, in such a situation, the collusion of PFI and terrorist organizations cannot be ruled out.

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