Who is Vibhav and why is he close to Kejriwal for 15 years?
Who is Vibhav and why is he close to Kejriwal for 15 years?

New Delhi: After the arrest of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's PA Bibhav Kumar, there was a lot of discussion in Rohtas district. Not only this, Bibhav Kumar is the son of Maheshwar Rai, resident of Khudru village of Narwar Panchayat of Dinara police station of Kochas block. Maheshwar Rai has also taken voluntary leave from the post of constable of BMP. He called his son's arrest a conspiracy and said that Bibhav is completely innocent. As part of a conspiracy, work is being done to trap him. 

Maheshwar Rai has said that he has talked to his son on mobile phone. In which Bibhav has said that Swati Maliwal is creating an issue unnecessarily. He had asked to wait for some time to meet the Chief Minister. The AAP MP made such a serious allegation on such a simple matter. The people of the village say that Bibhav, the eldest among the two brothers, is very friendly. Because, he has not come to the village for the last several years. His family has the best relations in the village. After the arrest of Bibhav Kumar, people in the village are also engaged in various types of discussions. 

Vibhav used to look after the daily work of CM Kejriwal: Reports say that Maheshwar Rai has also said that Bibhav has been with Arvind Kejriwal for 15 years. After completing his studies from Kashi Hindu University, Banaras, he started living in Delhi to study journalism. Bibhav Kumar also used to work as a video journalist. He met Arvind and started working for India Against Corruption Magazine. India Against Corruption organization itself had started a movement against corruption in the country in the year 2011. Bibhav was watching Arvind's daily programs and other work since the beginning. Even after the formation of the government, he used to watch the daily work of CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Kicked several times and slapped about seven-eight times: According to the news, AAP MP Swati Maliwal had lodged a complaint against Bibhav Kumar, in which she had told that Bibhav Kumar had assaulted her. The complaint was lodged on behalf of Swati Maliwal. It has been said in the FIR that Bibhav Kumar kicked him several times and slapped him about seven-eight times. Even when Swati started shouting for help, Bibhav did not stop. Alleged that Bibhav attacked her with kicks on her chest, stomach and lower parts of the body. However, Bibhav Kumar has been arrested in the case.

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