After all, why Akshara Singh give 2100 for 10 rupees tea

Bhojpuri queen Akshara Singh is said to be one of the popular faces of the industry. With the help of her hard work and talent, she has reached this point. It's not possible for everyone to get there. Therefore, the public not only appreciates her talent but also loves them from the heart. By the way, the heart-winning work has been done by Akshara again. 

Akshara Singh take tea worth Rs 2100: Actress-singer Akshara Singh had recently arrived in Patna. On reaching Patna, Akshara met Priyanka Gupta, a graduate Chaiwala, during which she praised Priyanka's work and motivated her. Seeing the Bhojpuri actress at the tea stall, the crowd is also increasing there. 

Usually, tea is available at any tea-stall for Rs.10. But Akshara has shown generosity and has missed Rs 2100 by drinking tea worth Rs 10. Priyanka, a graduate chaiwala, first refused to take the money. But later on the persuasion of the actress, she has kept that money as a blessing. On the way, Akshara also told Priyanka that she has earned a lot of names too. So when they come next time to have tea, then go by paying more than this.

Akshara Singh has to speak about this that she starts to feel happy to see the girls of the country moving forward. It is important for all girls to take inspiration from Priyanka to move forward. Priyanka, 24, hails from Purnia. After graduating in Economics from BHU, Priyanka had been wandering from pillar to post. She was frustrated at not getting a job. But did not give up and thought about becoming the same graduate chaiwala like MBA chaiwala. After this, today she has been able to make her mark across the country. 

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