Why does the train run on the tracks? Know the surprising reason here

Every day lakhs of people in India travel by train. You too must have traveled on a train once. This question definitely comes to the mind of many people why do trains run the train only on the tracks? Why is the train not running on the road? Today we are going to answer this question coming to your mind.

Let us tell you that there are many reasons behind running the train on the tracks. The first reason for this is the weight of the train. The weight of the train is much more than the vehicles running on the road. While the weight of a loaded truck is said to be 15 to 20 tonnes, the weight of a goods train can be more than 100 tonnes. Whereas, the width of the wheel of the truck is only about 10 inches. But the width of the train wheel is 4 inches. This means that the wheel of the train has to bear two and a half times more pressure. If the train is run on the road, then 10-12 times more strong roads will be required for this.

You must know that only soil is found under the roads. If the load of the train comes on it, the soil will not be able to bear it and the road may sink. For this reason, the load is spread over a larger area by placing sleepers under the track. Along with this, the frictional force between the tracks and the wheels of the train is very less. But if it is run on the road, then it will be too much and it will be difficult for the train to move forward.

You must have seen that steering is given in all the vehicles running on the road. By which it is controlled. But no such steering is provided in the train. That is if the train is run on the road, how will it be controlled?

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