Why World Thyroid Day is celebrated, know what are its symptoms

If you are tired all the time at a young age, despite eating less, the weight is increasing rapidly, at a young age, the symptoms of old age start showing, then understand that health is not good. There are signs like hair fall, skin dryness, and always being irritable, so you have become a victim of the silent killer thyroid. Such patients have to take special care of lifestyle and diet. In fact, poor routine and wrong eating are the major reasons for this.  

World Thyroid Day is celebrated every year on May 25 with the aim of making people aware.


Its main purpose is to make you aware of the importance of the thyroid and the prevention and treatment of the disease. Women become more victims of thyroid than men. Every 10th person in the country is suffering from the disease. Thyroid tests should be started from the age of 35 and regular checkups should be done every five years. So that this serious disease can be avoided.  

Symptoms of the thyroid:- 
- Weight loss
- Nervousness
- Fatigue
- Breathlessness
- Less sleep
- Feeling more thirsty


- Weight gain
- Fatigue
- Depression
- Mental stress
- Hair loss
- Rough and thinning of the skin

This is the thyroid: The thyroid above the respiratory tract has a gland shaped like a butterfly. The thyroid gland works to make a hormone called theoretician. These hormones increase the metabolism of the body and control the cells in the body. There are 2 types. A decrease in thyroid hormones leads to hypothyroidism (sudden weight gain). Hyperthyroidism is caused by an increase in thyroid hormones. Maintaining proper iodine levels in the diet and limiting the use of raw Goitrogenic vegetables also help in avoiding thyroid diseases.  

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