After all, why KRK did not go to see Kashmir files, the reason given was shocking

Every review of the Most Controversial Critic KRK ie KRK remains in the discussion. It will be your choice to trust their reviews or not. But you cannot ignore KRK's review. KRK, which reviews all the big films, has not reviewed Jhund and the recent release 'The Kashmir Files'.

KRK did not watch Jhund-The Kashmir Files: According to media reports, critics have also praised both these movies fiercely. Fans also wanted to know the opinion of KRK. But you will be surprised to know that why KRK reviewed Radhe Shyam but not on 'The Kashmir Files'. Similarly, he did not see Amitabh Bachchan's flock. Now in his tweet, KRK has revealed the reason for not watching these two movies.

The reason given for not watching The Kashmir Files: Explaining the reason for not watching Vivek Agnihotri's movie 'The Kashmir Files', KRK wrote- 'Many people are asking me to review The Kashmir Files'. Let me tell you all that this film has not been released in UAE. That's why I haven't seen this movie. Meaning I can't review it. In response to this tweet of KRK, a user wrote – You are not reviewing 'The Kashmir Files' because you do not want to. Otherwise why didn't you review the trailer of this movie like the rest of the movies?


Replying to his user, KRK wrote in his tweet – Hahaha. Madam, I have not given the review of Jhund, Tadap and many other films. I do not review all movies. I review 25-30 films in a year. Whereas more than 150 films are released every year. Now whatever may be the reason for not watching these movies of KRK. But both these movies are excellent. People have not even been able to praise Amitabh's Jhund and The Kashmir Files. The excellent acting done by Amitabh in Jhund is a must watch. At the same time, people's eyes are getting moist after seeing 'The Kashmir Files'. Bridges are being built to praise director Vivek Agnihotri.



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