After drinking alcohol, a friend will no longer say... 'Gaadi aaj tera bhai chalega', a special device launched"

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a common cause of road accidents. Three engineers of Dhanbad have found a unique solution to this problem. He has invented such a technique, which will stop the alcoholics from driving the car. Coal India's subsidiary company BCCL (Bharat Coking Coal Limited) has also demonstrated this technology in the annual safety exhibition.

Three boys did the feat: 3 engineers Ajit Yadav, Siddharth Suman and Manish Balmuchu are going to introduce this technology named Hysmart Safety System Against Alcohol in Vehicle- SSSAAV. Under which such a device has been developed, which can be installed in front of the driving seat. This device captures the breath of the person sitting in the driving seat through the sensor. If the person has drunk alcohol, then the device has stopped the vehicle from starting. If the engine of the car is already started and after which a person sits on the driving seat after drinking alcohol, then the engine will stop automatically.

There are more road accidents while intoxicated with alcohol: All the three engineers who made this device work in BCCL. He found that in most of the cases in the accidents of vehicles transporting coal in the area, the driver is being heard to be intoxicated. That's when he decided that some such technology is also being developed, so that the driver can be stopped from drinking alcohol. He has also suggested the company to use this device.

GS Das, GM of the eastern area of ​​BCCL, has said that this device is going to be sent to DGMS (Director General Mines Safety) for further testing. After their approval, steps can be taken towards its use.

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