China is not deterring its antics, now created 'artificial moon'

After the artificial sun, China has now created an 'artificial moon'. The reason behind making an artificial moon was to do a test related to gravity, in which gravity is completely eliminated from the artificial moon. In this, the magnetic power was tested, so that in the future, magnetic powered vehicles and new modes of transport could be discovered and human settlements could be made on the moon. Experts in China have just done a small test. Then, by the end of this year, it will build a powerful magnetically powered vacuum chamber. Whose diameter will be 2 feet. So that the frog can be flown into the air by completely eliminating gravity from it. However, the frog has been levitated in such a vacuum chamber before.

This vacuum chamber will be filled with stones and dust, like on the surface of the Moon, said Lee Ruilin, a geotechnical engineer at the China University of Mining and Technology. Such a surface of the Moon will be made on Earth for the first time. We have done a small test of this, which has been successful. But in the next test, there is a plan to run this test for a long time to maintain the low gravitational force for a long time.
Lee Ruilin said that we will send the test to the moon after the test is completely successful. Where only 6th of the earth's gravity is gravity. Through this, China will explore new ways to build human settlements on the moon. So that the settlement does not fly in the air. Man does not fly on the surface of the moon, so gravity experience is necessary to sustain any settlement. Lee says that many impact tests are a few seconds, as you studied by hitting the surface of the moon. But for the gravity experiment, you have to test for several days. It has to wait.



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