Bahujan Samaj Party will give shares to Brahmins at grassroot level

Aug 15 2020 10:37 AM
Bahujan Samaj Party will give shares to Brahmins at grassroot level

Lucknow: In UP, the political stir has intensified for the past few days. After allowing Brahmins at the Mandal level for the first time in the parent organization of the BSP, now the responsibility will be given in the district, sector and booth organization at the grassroots level. The party has started assuring Uppercase that Bahujan Samaj Party will give ticket in the 2022 assembly election and will be given participation in the government if it comes to power.

Experts say that "Now Bahujan Samaj Party has been working to connect Brahmins and other communities. Prior to the 2007 assembly election, this move proved to be effective, but since then political and social conditions have changed a lot.

Also, a large number of powerful faces of the party either left the party or were expelled. Despite many efforts, the party has not been able to achieve the desired success post-2007 elections. A senior Bahujan Samaj Party official says that the party has made a drastic change in its strategy in view of the 2022 assembly election.

It has taken the initiative to extend the campaign to add upper caste communities to the mass base from 2007 onwards. In the party's original organization, place has been given to Brahmins and other people of upper caste at the Mandal level. After coming to power, it has been announced to install a grand statue of Lord Parshuram, a hospital, a community centre in its name. Full respect will be given to saints and great men of other castes. 

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