Anti-hijab movement reaches Afghanistan from Iran, Muslim women took to streets

Tehran: Anti-hijab protests are intensifying across Iran over the death of a woman, Mahsa Amini, who was beaten in such a way by Police that she went to coma. Women have ruined the sleep of the ruling power on the basis of their enactment. Now Muslim women of Afghanistan have also taken out a rally in support of the women of Iran. However, in front of the women protesting in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters opened fire in the air to disperse the rally.

According to media reports, 25 women raised slogans in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, in front of the Iranian embassy to support the Iranian women's protest against the hijab. Taliban fighters fired in the air and dispersed the crowd and the women protesters. Women protesters in Kabul raised banners and said, 'Iran has risen, now it's our turn!' and "Say no to dictatorship, from Kabul to Iran!" Enraged by these slogans, Taliban fighters quickly snatched the banners and tore them up in front of the protesters. After this, the women were driven away by firing in the air.

The Taliban has been facing an insurgency from Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power in August last year. Since coming to power, the Taliban have imposed strict restrictions on civilians, especially women, by enforcing strict Sharia law.

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