Wife killed husband and does something that even police's spirit trembled

A woman was sent to jail in Russia for the brutal murder of her husband. The woman was accused of first poisoning her husband, then having sex with the body. Not only that but the woman is also accused of chopping the husband's body into several pieces and drinking blood. But after a hearing in the court, the woman was granted bail due to lack of evidence. However, she is still on trial.

According to a report received, the 37-year-old criminal woman from St. Petersburg has been identified as Marina Kokhal. Marina is accused of murdering her husband Andy Cartwright. Andy Cartwright was a rapper. However, Marina was granted bail from custody and placed under house arrest even after she was the main suspect in the murder.

In fact, Marina Kokhal was arrested in August last year in connection with Andy Cartwright's death. After which the advocate in the court accused her of "drinking the blood of her dead husband and having sex with his body." Advocates claimed Marina, along with her 68-year-old mother Elena, had fatally poisoned the rapper husband. The rapper was having an affair with a 25-year-old girl before his death. According to investigators, his body was cut off and some of his organs were kept in the fridge. His fingers were fed to the mice.

In Kota, a man was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife.

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