After knowing about wife's illicit affair husband killed her

Aug 02 2020 02:38 PM
After knowing about wife's illicit affair husband killed her

Nowadays daily we get to hear news about criminal acts that take place. The incident which happened recently is of an extramarital affair wherein a man took the life of his wife who was having illicit relations with someone else in his absence in the Sundupalli Mandal of Kadapa district. The man named Ramanjulu from Shivarampuram village in the zone went to the Gulf some time ago due to some work-related task. He lives in the village with his wife and children. It was during this tenure that the lady came in contact with a man named Moula (28) from Mudumpad and then further it led to an illicit affair between them.

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When Ramanjulu came from the Gulf a few days ago, he found out about his wife's illicit affair that was going on in his absence. He warned his wife and her alleged lover, Moula, to change his ways. Moula, however, continued to flirt with her. On the 26th of last month, Ramanju attacked Moula as he was not stopping flirting with the former's wife. 

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Police, who registered a case on the incident, arrested the accused on July 31 at a mango orchard in Shivarampuram suburb. The police officials seized the equipment with the bloodstains on it which was used when the murder took place. 

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