Man killed his wife then surrendered at the police station

Aug 07 2019 02:57 PM
Man killed his wife then surrendered at the police station

In a shocking incident which has come to light from the state of Haryana, a young man has brutally murdered his 28-year-old wife with an axe. After carrying out the incident, the accused rushed to the police station and surrendered and police have filed a case against two persons for murder and incitement to four others.

According to reports, the police have taken the body to Sirsa Hospital for post mortem and according to the murderer, his wife was not fit. According to reports in the case, Kala Singh, a resident of Badaguda, had been in a state of disharmony with his wife Sukhpreet Kaur for some time and Kala Singh doubted his wife's character. That is why there was a frequent quarrel between the two, and the husband and wife were separated. "He didn't like someone coming to his house," Kala Singh said.

On Tuesday morning, Sukhpreet Kaur came to Kala Singh's house to settle everything with Kala Singh, but during this time the quarrel between the two escalated and an angry Kala Singh hit an axe in her head and killed Sukhpreet Kaur on the road. "As soon as the incident took place, Kala Singh went to the police station and surrendered to the police informing them of the incident. The investigation into the case is now underway.

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