After onion, now the price of cylinders increased, consumers will have to pay more money
After onion, now the price of cylinders increased, consumers will have to pay more money

Jaipur: With the increase in domestic gas price by Rs 144 per cylinder, 12 lakh users of the city will be directly affected. Oil companies have increased the price on domestic cylinders by Rs 177 in two and a half months from December to February. In February, due to the increase in price, it will be heavy for the consumers, whose 12 cylinder cut has been completed, in the coming months, you will have to pay 845 rupees for buying the cylinder in March. There are about 15-20 per cent users in the city who have taken 12 cylinders of their limit, then it is obvious that about 3-4 lakh customers will have to pay more in March.

Karthikeya Gaid, general secretary of LPG Distributors' Federation of Rajasthan, said that there are 28 lakh Rasayai gas users in the city, of which 30 percent are non-subsidy holders. The cylinder of 3 to 4 lakh subcontractors has been completed. So, by increasing the price, directly on the floor, the subcontractors are angry with the agency operator.

This news has harmed the domestic budget. If considered, cylinders are used in every family. The same month, most people will have to pay more money. Due to which common people can get resentment. It is obvious that in the coming days, the increase in the prices of some things makes people nervous. Previously, the onion hit had disturbed the common man and now the prices of cylinders have increased.

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