People suffering from this serious disease after recovering from corona, study reveals

A study of 150 patients admitted to the hospital due to the virus at the beginning of corona infection in the US found that 73 percent of patients had a disease called delirium. There is a serious condition of delirium confusion. In this, the person is confused, excited because of his lack of proper brain functioning. Even clearly, the thinking is not understood.

At the same time, patients with delirium also suffer from diseases like hypertension and diabetes. They show more serious corona symptoms. "Covid is also related to many other adverse consequences," explained Philip Wlysides, author of the study at the University of Michigan in the US. This can lead to prolonged hospitalization and make it difficult to recover. 

The researchers studied a group of patients admitted in the ICU between March and May 2020, after being discharged from the hospital, their medical records and telephone surveys. Researchers found that the delirium itself can lead to lack of oxygen in the brain. At the same time, blood clots can accumulate and stroke, which can lead to loss of thinking ability. He said that in patients with delirium, inflammation of the brain increased. Inflammation in the brain can increase confusion and discomfort. The study also found that even after being discharged from the hospital, the thinking ability triggers.

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