After Salman, the singer was now bitten by a snake, was lying down for a photoshoot
After Salman, the singer was now bitten by a snake, was lying down for a photoshoot

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was recently reported to have been bitten by a snake. Fans were deeply disturbed by the news. However, the buzz was that the snake that bit Salman is not poisonous. Salman was discharged six hours after his hospitalization. The actor is now completely healthy. After Bollywood, a similar incident has been heard in Hollywood. In fact, a video of international singer Meta has started going viral on social media. Everyone was shocked to see this video.

The singer recently shared a video of one of her photoshoots on social media. Sharing this intimidating video, the singer also captioned it, never again. Meta shared the video on the social media platform Twitter. The video that surfaced shows the singer doing a photoshoot. She is seen posing with snakes for the shoot.  Meanwhile, a black snake has suddenly bitten her on the chin. The snake bite frightens Meta badly and immediately picks it up and throws it away.

In fact, the singer was lying on the floor for the picture shoot. Some snakes are also seen placed on top of her. Meanwhile, she is wearing a black lace dress. In the meantime, as soon as a white snake is placed on her, the black snake that is already in place bites them. The video was also shared by the singer on her Instagram account. Sharing it on Instagram, Meta wrote, "What a situation you all had to go through to make a video."



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