Wondrous! Girl disappears from stomach after pregnant woman's death, no operation marks found

In the meantime, there has been a case in Brazil that will surprise you. In fact, last year, the body of a 23-year-old pregnant girl was found in Devoro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, when the police investigated the case, it was found that the woman did not have a baby in her womb after her death and there was no trace of any operation around her stomach.

The same deceased woman was identified as Thaisa Campos dos Santos, who was eight months pregnant, who was found dead near a railway line in the neighborhood of Devoro in Rio de Janeiro last September. After investigation, local Brazilian police claimed that her baby was not pulled out of her stomach through any operation. Recently found documents show that the woman's unborn baby was missing from her womb.

Police claimed that the woman naturally gave birth to the baby before she died and the woman may have been murdered for the same girl. According to the postmortem report, the baby was not evacuated by any operation, indicating that she was born naturally. Tell us that the woman who died, Thaisa, had separated from her father with her two children. She became pregnant for the third time due to her relationship with a married man. Thaisa, 23, suddenly went missing on the night of September 3 last year and the body she found on September 10 was decomposed. According to Nelson Masini, professor of forensic medicine at Rio de Janeiro State University, the most likely child was kidnapped.

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