After the rape, the accused's housemates said: 'Marry somewhere else...'

Jul 22 2019 07:48 PM
After the rape, the accused's housemates said: 'Marry somewhere else...'

Nowadays cases of crime are constantly flooding. The case that has come up recently is from Bareilly. In this case, the furniture worker bluffed the marriage and raped the teenager for two years, and then the teenager and her mother had to change three houses in two years because of the disgrace. According to the information received in the case, the accused refused to marry and his family told the teenager that "we will pay the cost of marriage somewhere else."

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According to a report, the young woman, who lives in Sahaswani Tola, said that she was a minor two years ago. The mother lived with Hera in a rented apartment at the foot. There was a furniture factory in her neighborhood. The factory used to be a chore with Mira's penetration. She identified her life with the girl's mother. Then he started coming to his house on the pretext of drinking cold water and going to the toilet. The mother interacted with the teenager in the non-presence and formed a relationship with her. "After the protests and complaints from the young woman, the young man assured the marriage and the arrival was more bad for him," he said.

On the other hand, Mehrunisha, the owner of the house, drove her out of the house because of the young man. On the other hand, at the behest of Tajim, the teenager stayed in a rented room at Rehan's house with her friend Sahaswani Tola, and Rehan did not like to come there, and after that, she left the house and rented it in Panabaria. Police have now launched an investigation into the case.

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