After two days of missing, a meat trader found dead in this condition

Jun 05 2019 05:17 PM
After two days of missing, a meat trader found dead in this condition

Kanpur: The body of the meat trader who was missing for two days in Jarauli, the city, was found inside the sacks in the forest of Barra on Wednesday morning as a sensation in the area. The concerned police station arrived at the information of the morning walkers and the forensic team arrived at the spot. The body also found the left hand and the right-hand two finger missing, according to police. The body has been sent for post mortem.

According to the information, Zarauli phase One resident was a meat shop in Narpat Nagar near the home of Prem Kumar (55). The family has wife Rekha and four children Sonam, Poonam, Ravi and Pankaj. According to wife Rekha, the husband walked out of the shop late Monday evening but did not reach home until the morning.

On Tuesday, his bike in the Barra World Bank J sector was found by police in an unclaimed condition. Their bikes were identified on the basis of the train paper. The woman had also written to the police station expressing her fears of an untoward marriage.

With this, morning walkers at Zarauli's Vanpurwa on Wednesday morning reported to police when a sharp funk came from the big sacks of jute. The police of the Barra police station on the spot opened the Bora, and the middle body was found tied to the tube in the plastic sacks inside it. His left hand and right-hand thumb and a finger also found missing. The body saw a sensation in the area.

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