Agarbatti or Deepak: Which is More Auspicious for Worship? Find Out Here
Agarbatti or Deepak: Which is More Auspicious for Worship? Find Out Here

In every Hindu household, the tradition of performing puja or worship is deeply ingrained. During worship, various items are utilized, including incense sticks and oil lamps. While some prefer lighting lamps (deepak), others opt for burning incense sticks (agarbatti). According to religious scriptures, burning incense sticks during worship is considered inauspicious, hence the tradition of lighting lamps persists. But do you know why burning incense sticks is considered inauspicious? Let's explore the religious and scientific reasons behind this tradition. The tradition of performing worship rituals in the morning and evening has been passed down through centuries. Some people light incense sticks along with lamps during the worship of deities.

Lamps or Incense Sticks: Which is Auspicious?
Religious beliefs suggest that lighting lamps with ghee or oil during puja dispels negative energy from the home and activates positive energy. The smoke from the lamp destroys harmful bacteria present in the environment. Typically, incense sticks used in worship are made from bamboo. In Hinduism, burning bamboo is considered inauspicious.

What are the Religious Reasons?
The scriptures do not mention burning incense sticks during worship rituals, while the use of dhoop (a type of incense) is mentioned. According to the scriptures, burning incense sticks made from bamboo brings poverty and destitution into the home. It also brings various problems to the individual. Therefore, it is advised to use dhoop instead of incense sticks.

Hence Burning Incense Sticks in Worship is Inauspicious
Astrologers explain that burning bamboo during worship rituals obstructs progeny and creates pitr dosha. Bamboo should never be burned during worship rituals. Burning dhoop or lamps during worship is considered auspicious. Bamboo is traditionally used in ceremonies such as marriages, thread ceremonies, and mundan ceremonies. Therefore, using incense sticks made from bamboo is discouraged during worship. Scientifically, incense sticks are made from bamboo and chemicals, which can have adverse effects on health and respiratory problems due to their smoke.

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