Age is a mere number... This 105-year-old woman blew everyone up.

It is not said that age is just a number and there is no age to fulfill dreams. Something similar has been witnessed in the National Open Masters Athletics Championships (organised by the Athletics Federation of India). Rambai, 105, is living her dreams despite completing her age century and has also set a new record in the 100m.

"It's a good feeling and I want to run again. Despite watching 105 spring, this great-grandmother flying fairy, who is enjoying life, has also won 2 gold medals. Gold of 100 meters on June 15 and 200 meters on Sunday has been named. His next target is to take part in international  tournaments. She is also thinking about applying for a passport. Asked why she did not run at a very young age, the Centurion from Haryana laughed and said, "I was ready to run but no one has given me a chance so far. '


Rambai breaks Man Kaur's record: At this age, an inspiration to all the people Rambai, who was born on January 1, 1917, ran alone in Vadodara, as there was no contestant above 85 in the competition. He completed the 100-meter race amid the cheer of hundreds of spectators. She became famous for the gold medal at the world masters at the age of 100 meters. He set the national record by completing the race in 45.40 seconds. Earlier, the record was held by Man Kaur, who completed  the race in 74 seconds.

Rambai became a star as soon as she finished the race and is busy taking selfies and photos with other contestants. Sharmila Sangwan, the granddaughter of Rambai, who won a competition and medal in Vadodara, said, "I took her to Delhi on June 13 before reaching Vadodara after the RT-PCR test. We are now returning home. I will drop Nani to her village Kadama, which is about 150 km from Delhi in Charkhi Dadri district.

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