Wife deletes chat after talking to boyfriend! Police station reaches case

Agra: A young man from the Jagdabadura area of Agra district of UP became friends on Facebook on Facebook a year ago. Both of them came close to chatting. In the lockdown, both of them also made love marriage. The wife teaches coaching. A young man of the same coaching has made a quarrel in his house. The husband alleges that the wife is chatting with the young man. It also deletes its messages. When the husband protested, the wife complained to the police. The case was sent to the counseling center, but the counseling could not be done.

The youth of the Thana Jagshabpura area told the police that he was disturbed by the movements of his wife's coaching friend. The family has started disputing every day. The husband had also warned the wife, but even after that, the conversation on Messenger did not stop. The husband alleges that after talking to a friend, he deletes the chat. Once he has understood that young man, he is not coming out of his antics. The young man said that the wife has lodged a complaint against him for harassment in the police. For a month, the wife is in her own way.

The case was sent to the counseling center. On Sunday, the first wife arrived at the center with her family. After waiting for a while, the husband did not arrive at the center. The wife's side began to go back with the next date. Only then did the husband reach. But there was no counseling. Both sides of each other began to quarrel on the road. Started making allegations and counter-allegations. The wife said the husband doubted the unwarranted doubts. He does not talk to his friend. While the husband said why he deleted the message after talking. Both of them have been given a separate date from the center.

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