Agra: Teenager girl committed suicide after being harassed by father and uncle

Recently, a crime case has come up from Agra in UP which is a shocking one. In this case, the uncle in Agra gave a gun to his niece and asked her to kill her mother, brother and sister. The niece herself succumbed to this matter. Prior to the suicide, the teenager also made a video and uploaded it on social media.

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It has been reported that a troubled teenager gave up her life on the harassment of father, uncle and cousins on Deori Road in Sadar area of Agra Police Station. Before her death, the deceased Khushi, made a video and wrote a suicide note and then swung on the noose in the house itself. It has been reported that a gun has also been found with the suicide note of the deceased, which has been mentioned by the deceased in the video. According to the reference in this video, this gun was given to her by her uncle and told her to kill her mother, brother and sister.

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The police say that before dying in the video, Khushi has made her personal statement about how her father Amar Singh, uncle Ramvir and her cousin harassing her. It has been reported that after the death of Khushi, her mother Geeta is in a bad state. In this case, the mother says that my daughter has been murdered by Jagdish, Ramveer and my husband Amar Singh.

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