If you are keeping a fast on Ahoi Ashtami, then definitely hear this sacred story

Oct 21 2019 05:00 PM
If you are keeping a fast on Ahoi Ashtami, then definitely hear this sacred story

Every year for the health and longevity of the children, females keep Ahoi Ashtami fasts and it indicates the beginning of Diwali. In this way, by observing this fast, Goddess Ahoi showers infinite kindness and worshipping her is very beneficial and the child never gets any trouble. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the story of this fast. 

Story - Since ancient times, the wife of a Seth, Chandrika, had many children. She was leading a happy life. Once, she started digging mud with a spade to clean the house. Seh's den was at that place. Suddenly, a child of Seh got hurt and died. This made Chandrika very sad. She repented of it, but still one by one his children started dying. Due to the premature death of all the children, the whole family started getting upset and started thinking that she had committed a sin, which the whole family is being punished for. In a condolence meeting, Chandrika mourned, saying that she had deliberately committed no sin and once suddenly while she was panting at home. Then the women present there told Chandrika about the worship of Ahoi Mata.

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Chandrika prayed by drawing a portrait of Seh and her child and apologized to Ahoi Mata. Then Goddess Ahoi was happy and gave her children the boon of longevity. Since then the tradition of Ahoi Maa's fast started. According to an ancient legend, there lived a person named Chandrabhan in Datia city. He had many children, but due to not being able to save any of the children who started dying prematurely at a young age, he abandoned everything and went to the forest and sat near the pool near Badrikashram, sacrificing food and water. He sat in this condition for 6 days. On the seventh day, there was accouncement that Seth is getting this pain due to the deeds of previous birth.

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For the relief of these troubles he fasted, then mother Ahoi will be pleased with you and give you the blessings of child happiness and longevity. After that, she duly fasted Ahoi mother along with his wife and apologized for her sins. Pleased with his devotion, Ahoi's mother gave him the boon of having children and longevity. After that, there were many children of Chandrabhan who had longevity.

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