AIIMS students insult Ramayana by mocking it, Hurts feeling of Hindus

India is a country where every religion is respected and every religion has its own significance. However, some people don't think before they make fun of any religion! Today, social media has become a medium where every issue spreads rapidly, and everyone makes a stand. Meanwhile, a video is going viral in which Ramayana was mocked by Delhi AIIMS students hosted by Shoaib Aftab. 'Unacademy' is being opposed by Hindus to sponsor this vile anti-Hindu joke of the Ramayana, considered sacred in Hinduism, and the question is being raised whether such education is being imparted to students in Unacademy.

The manner in which Lord Ram has been insulted in this video is said to be very shameful by the people of Hinduism. The way lord Ram and King Dashratha were addressed in it is a shame for every Hindu. It can have a huge adverse effect on the coming generation of Hinduism. At the same time, JNU has been called LankaNow the question is being raised whether the situation in our country has deteriorated so much that we have to insult God to take a dig at someone now. It is said that the video makes a mockery of Hinduism in the name of acting.

At the same time, It is being said that "The Lord Shri Ram, who is the lord of the world, is being insulted today in this way. Now, this act is said to be very derogatory on social media, and it is being said that these students should be severely punished for what they have done so that no one dares to do so further!

(Note: Let us tell you that this video is currently going viral on social media and such a reaction is being given by Hindus, although 'NEWSTRACK' neither confirms the video nor wants to insult any religion. )

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