Owaisi stated Muzaffarnagar riots the most terrible

Lucknow: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi recently made a statement saying, "Muzaffarnagar riots were the worst after partition and the then ruling Samajwadi Party failed to provide justice to the victims.'' In fact, Hyderabad MP Owaisi had gone to Muzaffarnagar and here he said all this while addressing a party rally. Here he claimed, 'People were forced to leave their homes and mosques.'

At the same time, he accused the Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party of treating Muslims as vote banks only. He also claimed, "They do not want AIMIM presence in Uttar Pradesh as the party has been raising issues of minorities.'' At the same time, he called upon the people to vote for their party in next year's assembly elections. He also claimed that "His party has been raising issues not only of Muslims but also of Hindus and Dalits.''

He further hit out at jat-Muslim voters and said, "Jats won the Lok Sabha elections by voting for BJP. When Jat Chaudhary can defeat Ajit Singh and leave him, why are Muslims not giving up old customs? 19 per cent of Muslims are politically challenged today. Here, Muslims continued to vote for the SP-BSP and continued to be victims of riots, so we have to recognize the political strength of our vote.'' He further said, "Freedom in India means government slaves. When it comes to injustice to Muslims, the mikes of SP-BSP-RLD leaders are switched off.''

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