Amazing Facts: Unique Airplane Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Aug 26 2019 10:55 AM
Amazing Facts: Unique Airplane Facts You Probably Didn't Know

In today's time, the person prefers to take a flight because of this, it can be reached to a more distant place in a short time which proves to be convenient. Everyone dreams of sitting on a plane and everyone wants to sit. You may have traveled by flight at some point or the other, or you may know many things about air travel. But what we're going to tell you today about air travel is very interesting and unheard of. 

- With the oxygen masks that are given to passengers during the emergency time on the plane, passengers can survive only for 15 minutes.

- Before 1953 the corners of the airplane windows were square, but due to an accident, the windows were later made round, because the rounded edges do not resist the wind much and it does not put much pressure on the aircraft.

- People release more gas during air travel. Therefore, charcoal filters are used to reduce funk in airplanes.

- Our food taste changes during air travel, as airlines, use more salt in the miles, but because of the high pressure in the aircraft, we don't know about it.

In 1987, a U.S. man is said to have made a lifetime pass of Rs 69 lakh to an airline, which led to more than 10,000 flights by 2008. This led to a loss of Rs 1.42 crore to the company, after which the company canceled the person's pass.

- Pilots and co-pilots are given different kinds of food on the airplane. This is because both pilots do not get sick by eating the same food. Suppose the food that is given to the pilot, if there is something wrong with it, both the pilots may get sick by eating the same food. Such a situation can be dangerous for passengers sitting on the plane.

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