Airtel Launches ₹9 Prepaid Plan with Unlimited Data for Users
Airtel Launches ₹9 Prepaid Plan with Unlimited Data for Users

Airtel has introduced a new prepaid plan aimed at its 38 crore users, offering unlimited data at just ₹9. This plan is designed especially for those who need to consume large amounts of data quickly. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also provides high-speed data. If you ever find yourself in sudden need of data, Airtel's new plan could be an excellent option for you.

Airtel's New Data Voucher

Airtel's new ₹9 data plan provides unlimited data for a limited period of one hour. This plan is ideal for users who require sudden bursts of data, such as for online classes, urgent file downloads, or other essential tasks. It is presented as a data voucher with no service validity included.

Data Limit and Speed

Under this plan, users will get high-speed data up to 10GB. Airtel has implemented a Fair Usage Policy (FUP), which means after consuming 10GB of data, users can still access the internet but at reduced speeds of 64Kbps. This allows users to enjoy full-speed data for one hour and maintain internet connectivity even after the data limit is reached.

Need for High-Speed Data

This plan is particularly beneficial for users who occasionally require high-speed data unexpectedly. For example, if you're in an urgent meeting or want to stream a video at short notice, this plan allows you to instantly utilize unlimited data.

Easy Recharge

Activating this plan is straightforward. You can recharge through Airtel's website, My Airtel app, or any nearby retailer. Once recharged, the plan activates immediately, and you can enjoy unlimited data for one hour.

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