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Airtel launches "iPhone for Life"; Have a look at the new offer

After the new launched offer from Reliance Jio of providing the new iPhone customers calling and data benefits another telecom service provider Airtel has launched a new scheme for the new Apple flagship model. Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones will be provided to customers on contract basis at a minimum down payment of Rs. 19,990 and Rs. 30,792, respectively. Under this offer, the telecom operator will provide unlimited local and STD calls, free roaming, and free data (5GB, 10GB or 15GB, as per the plan you choose) under a new postpaid plan.

The new service for trial basis has been kept only to Noida and Karnataka region of the country. The offer is been named as the “iPhone of Life”. The steps for the process are as follows,

  • You have to make a down payment of Rs. 19,990 for iPhone 7 and 30,792 for iPhone 7 plus.
  • Then you are bound with the company and have to pick up one of their post paid plans
  • Plans are categorized in 1999, 2499, 2999.
  • Rest of the money is payed by Bajaj Finance Ltd.
  • After the end of one year tenure, either you have to upgrade to the new Iphone
  • Or you could just pay a ‘Balloon payment’ of Rs. 24000 for Iphone 7 and Rs 25,200 for Iphone 7+

If you fail to give the balloon payment by the end of the thirteenth month, company will automatically deduct the balloon amount from your account and you can keep the phone by yourself. 

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