Aishwarya fed up with hate message, says , 'Why do you people fight'

Missing is someone's love the show is getting a lot of love these days. The show has one shocking twist after another. Every character in the show has made a place in the hearts of the people but there are many who don't like actress Aishwarya Sharma i.e. Pakhi who appears on the show. Yes, Aishwarya has faced criticism many times for her character. This is because Aishwarya Sharma is being shown in a negative role in the serial. Aishwarya Sharma, on the other hand, is dating Virat i.e. Neil Bhatt in real life. That's why Aishwarya Sharma is trolled by people. However, Aishwarya has now responded to those who sent her hate messages.

Yes, adakara recently responded to hate messages through a post. You can see Aishwarya broke her silence and given a fact check to social media users. In it, he has asked fans to stop spreading negativity and not to make social media toxic.

You can see in her post she writes- 'I think Pakhi is just a fictional character that doesn't change. But there are many real people who are arguing among themselves by commenting on our personal life, social media posts. What are you guys fighting for? Reel and real life for? We actors are always quiet and together and you guys are fighting for what? Is there really any need for it? You abuse each other, spreading only negativeness in your family, parents and society, and making social media toxic day by day. Have you seen us fighting or heard such rumors about us, so why do you fight?'

Finally, Adakara writes, 'This is a humble request, please maintain peace. Time is very precious, every single second is very important. Please don't waste it. I hope you all do well in your life. I really pray. May everyone be happy. Tell you that Aishwarya and Neil are going to tie the knot on november 30, which is going to come in real life, and it is going to be special for both of them on the coming day.

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