AK-47 gun maker Kalashnikov introduces the off-road electric motorcycle

Aug 29 2018 03:35 AM
AK-47 gun maker Kalashnikov introduces the off-road electric motorcycle

Russian arms producer company Kalashnikov is known as a company producing AK-47 rifles. Now this company has come into the manufacturing of cars and bikes. After presenting an electric car a few days ago, the company has now offered off-road electric motorcycle Kalashnikov SM-1. The company has displayed this bike during the Russian Army show. This bike is for military use only and has been given Biffi suspension for a long journey. Knob tires have been installed for off-road use in the bike.

About Kalashnikov SM-1 cannot find any information about whether the customer will be able to buy or not. SM-1 has a rechargeable battery of water cooling and lithium ion with a brushless DC motor which is capable of travelling up to 150 km. The maximum speed of this bike is 90 kmph. Suspension Duties Beefy Handles, Inverted Front Fork and Pendulum-type Central Spring-hydraulic Shock absorber are given in the rear.

The concept of developing electric motorcycles for military and special forces is not entirely new. There will be stealth and versatility in electric motorcycles, which will allow the soldiers to quietly cross the engine without any sound in the difficult terrain. Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the US is building electric all-terrain motorcycles for American soldiers, known as Silent Hawk, in which a hybrid engine will be given instead of full-electric powertrain.

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