Akash Ambani Acknowledges PM Modi's Leadership and Commitment to Innovation
Akash Ambani Acknowledges PM Modi's Leadership and Commitment to Innovation

Mumbai: Reliance Jio, led by Chairman Akash Ambani, has embarked on the world's fastest rollout of a 5G mobile telephony network during the ongoing Indian Mobile Congress. Their strategy includes deploying a 5G cell every 10 seconds, a remarkable feat aimed at advancing digital connectivity in India.

Akash Ambani shared that India now ranks among the top three countries with a thriving 5G user base, boasting over 125 million subscribers. He acknowledged the crucial role played by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership in uniting the nation and expressed Reliance Jio's unwavering commitment to eliminate digital exclusion in India.

Ambani pledged to construct a digital Statue of Unity, symbolizing India's towering aspirations and accomplishments through the power of technology. He stated, "We promise you that through the power of technology, we will build a digital Statue of Unity. This too will be the tallest in aspiration and achievement."

Akash Ambani commended Prime Minister Modi's inspirational leadership and highlighted the importance of visionary leaders in every generation. He emphasized the government's commitment to embracing innovation, fostering change, and challenging traditional norms, reflecting the youth's enthusiasm for advancing technology to enhance people's lives.

Furthermore, Ambani spotlighted India's globally recognized digital public infrastructure, which has successfully connected 1.4 billion Indians. The principle of 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas' ensures equitable development across the nation, transcending regional, religious, and caste differences.

Akash Ambani proudly shared that Reliance Jio has met the challenge of deploying over 10 lakh 5G cells across all 22 circles in India, with a remarkable 5G cell installation occurring every 10 seconds. Jio's contribution has significantly enhanced India's 5G capacity, offering some of the world's fastest 5G internet speeds. Notably, the 5G rollout is powered entirely by a 100% in-house 5G stack developed and manufactured by Indian talent.

Ambani went on to announce Jio's capacity to provide 5G access to over 200 million previously unconnected homes and premises, effectively positioning India as the broadband capital of the world. With over 125 million 5G users, the deployment of 5G technology holds the potential to create new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for millions of Indians, benefiting both job seekers and job creators.

Akash Ambani also highlighted Jio's recent launch of the groundbreaking Jio Bharat device, a 4G smartphone priced at just Rs 999, making it more affordable than most 2G phones. These pioneering initiatives, Ambani asserted, are poised to eradicate digital exclusion in India once and for all.\

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